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With festival season fast approaching it's great to see that many hardened festival goers are switching their single use plastic products for more eco-friendly alternatives, but there's still a long way to go. Plastic pollution is notoriously rife at festivals.  Endless rubbish and single use items are abandoned each year entering our ecosystems. The time to make a change is NOW!

Here at The Wild Tree, we have some fantastic zero waste, reusable and plastic free solutions to enhance your festival experience.

Despite it sounding obvious, staying hydrated at festivals is essential. Make the switch from harmful single use plastic water bottles, to stylish, insulated reusable bottles - we have a whole range of different colours and designs available to suit everyone. With water taps located all around festival sites, ditch the plastic and head to the nearest re-fill station. 


Don't forget your reusable cup for that essential cuppa the morning after the night before. Our reusable cups are made from bamboo, stainless steel and recycled coffee cups.


Hygiene at festivals can be difficult due to the lack of bathroom facilities. Products such as bamboo toothbrushes along with natural toothpaste tablets can provide you with the satisfaction of freshening up after a long day. The handy truthbrush, bamboo travel case is a brilliant accessory to keep your toothbrush fresh and clean.


Our handy travel soap bars are genius! One bar designed for your hair, body and laundry - not only plastic free and vegan but paraben and palm oil free too - an inspired space saving natural alternative to endless plastic product bottles.  Team your soap bar up with a nifty little soap tin to keep your soap bar safe and sound.


Festival food has come along way but we can take it to the next level by switching to eco-friendly reusable bamboo cutlery and straws. Take one of our stainless steel lunch boxes too for any left overs that can be used later, rather than being thrown away.

Simple alternatives such as these really make a huge difference to helping our plastic problem.

Festivals are a place for positivity, happiness and fun so don't leave your mess behind for others to tidy. Save money, save space in your rucksack but most importantly, help save our planet from any discarded litter.

Essential items for festivals this summer

  • Travel soap and shampoo bar
  • Travel Soap tin
  • Bamboo toothbrush & toothpaste tablets
  • Bamboo toothbrush holder
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable cup
  • Bamboo cutlery & Straw
  • Biodegradable glitter
  • Reusable lunchbox

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